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Ohio Stationary Engineer License Training

With the Lifetime Learning - Ohio Stationary Engineer Boiler Certification Training, the state-required internship hours are reduced from 2,000 to 700.

We also offer internship placement assistance, to those who qualify, to ensure our students can get their hours on the proper equipment and working under an approved Journeyman.

Classes Held: Twice a Week
Classroom Hours: 6pm to 10pm
Course Length: Approximately 26 Weeks

Tuition: $5,460.00
Deposit: $960.00 is required with registration

Classes are held at:
The UAW Hall 1250
17250 Hummel Rd., Brook Park OH 44142

The Stationary Engineer Boiler Operator Course is a total of 212 hours, divided into 53 classroom sessions. Course length may be extended to accommodate holidays and possible weather-related cancellations.

Course Tuition Includes:
Class Workbook
Exam Preparation Workbook
Exam Practice Software
Field Trip
Required Insurance for Internship

For all students, help securing an internship with a local organization will be provided to those who qualify*.
*student may be required to pass a drug and/or background check


Watertube Boiler
Boiler Cross-Section Top


Boiler Cross-Section Bottom

An introduction to boilers and steam, learning the fittings and trim of a fire tube boiler, understanding pressure and Btu's,  understanding steam tables, calculating boiler heating surface and boiler horsepower

Types and functions of valves found in boiler rooms, looking at the different parts of a valve, computing area of a circle, piping and common fittings, linear expansion of a pipe

An in depth look at the boiler safety valve, safety devices on high pressure boilers, exploring the dangers of boiler operation, determining total force, calculating static head pressure


Boiler materials and construction, calculating MAWP and bursting pressure, temperature conversions, fittings and trim of a watertube boiler, heat recovery steam generators

Day to day steam plant operations, the importance of maintaining a log, dangerous operating conditions, types of steam traps, the PRV and its applications

Taking water samples, analysis of water, boiler feedwater conditions, looking at methods of water treatment, calculating steam generation

Approved by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce

Our Stationary Engineer course has been approved by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce for a 1,250 reduction in required work experience.

Heron's Aeliopile


Requirements for good combustion, solid fuel burning equipment, calculating combustion rate environmental considerations, fuel oil and natural gas operations

A look at the different types of pumps, nozzle theory and injectors, an in-depth look at reciprocating pumps, determining pump capacity, parts and operation of centrifugal pumps

The history of the steam turbine, types and applications of steam turbines, turbine safety devices, condensers and cooling towers, calculating turbine water rate



Ohio Boiler License class field trip to Cleveland Cliffs

Field trips aren't just for fun, they are also an educational means of viewing the differences in plant operation at other jobsites.


Ohio Boiler License student at their internship

Get the on-the-job experience you need to not only obtain your license, but also to use as relevant career experience.
The internship also helps students to develop a professional network to establish job leads and quality references.


A guest speaker at the Ohio Boiler License classroom

Hear from industry experts and former students about their career paths and what you can do to ensure career success.



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Lifetime Learning reserves the right to deny access to weekly classes if a student's account is in arrears. The entire tuition amount must be paid n full before a certificate of completion and any applicable licenses can be issued.

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Once we receive your registration form and deposit please allow us up to 3 business days to send you confirmation of placement.


Down Payment made with Registration: $960.00*
1st Tuition payment due at 15th class: $1,500.00
2nd Tuition payment due at 30th class: $1,500.00
3rd Tuition payment due at 45th class: $1,500.00

Student account must be paid in full at 45th class session.

*Registration must be accompanied with a $960.00 deposit to be assured a seat in the next class.

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Commonly asked questions from aspiring Stationary Engineers

What is the difference between a low-pressure boiler license, a high-pressure license and a stationary engineer license?

In the State of Ohio if a boiler has 360ft2 of heating surface or above, a licensed operator is required. The type of license required is dependent on 2 things: The pressure the boiler operates at, and/or the type of equipment connected to the boiler.

If the boiler operates at 15 psig or less, a low-pressure license is a minimum requirement. If the boiler operates at greater than 15 psig, a high-pressure license is a minimum requirement. If a steam engine or steam turbine is connected to the boiler, a stationary engineers license is required.

A licensed Stationary Engineer can operate any boiler in the State of Ohio.

What are the requirements to get a Stationary Engineer Boiler Operator license?

In Ohio, a boiler operator must acquire 2,000 hours of field experience working under the supervision of a Stationary Engineer holding a current Ohio license and must pass the state exam.

Or, 700 hours of operating experience associated in direct care, custody and control of the system load, turbine speed, lubrication, temperatures, and vibrations of a steam turbine exceeding thirty horsepower or 1,000 hours of operating experience associated in direct care, custody and control of the fuel, combustion air, water level, steam pressure, system load, and supporting equipment of a steam boiler exceeding fifteen pounds per square inch and the successful completion of a steam boiler and steam turbine operation course approved by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce.

We offer you the second option, giving you the skills you need and the field experience required as well as preparing you to pass the State of Ohio 3rd Class Stationary Engineer license exam and become a safe and efficient engineer.

Where can I find a study guide and training for the Ohio Stationary Engineer Boiler Operator license exam?

We have developed our own study guide and exam simulator software for the State of Ohio 3rd Class Stationary Engineer exam, which we provide to all our students. We are unaware of any other commercially available material that is specific to the Ohio Stationary Engineer exam.

Who issues the license?

In Ohio, Stationary Engineer licenses are issued by the State of Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Industrial Compliance.

Do you offer job placement?

Yes. We provide our students with job leads after they complete the Stationary Engineer Boiler Operator course. Some students get hired as soon as they receive their license, and many of our students are hired by the business where they completed their internship.

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