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At Lifetime Learning, our mission is to offer specialized training programs that provide students with the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to attain an Ohio Stationary Engineer or Low-Pressure Boiler Operator license. We prioritize individual growth, empowering students with the essential tools for success and enabling them to qualify for respected and highly paid careers in the Cleveland, Akron, and Northeast Ohio areas.


James Poole

Director of Education

Jim Poole, the Director of Education and a managing partner at Lifetime Learning, draws on a lifetime of experience rooted in Greater Cleveland. Specializing in the design and delivery of adult training programs, Jim's extensive knowledge and skills stem from his previous role as Adult Education Director and Coordinator of Corporate Training at a local Career Center, where he devoted an impressive twenty-two years. Jim's dedication and expertise contribute significantly to the mission and impact of Lifetime Learning.

License & Degrees:
- 5th Class Power Engineer: National Institute of Uniform Licensing Power Engineers (NIULPE)
- MBA: Baldwin-Wallace University
- BS ED: Cleveland State University

Daniel "Uncle Dan" Schenek

Senior Instructor

Dan, a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio, graduated from the Westside Institute of Technology in 1978. For fifteen years, he taught boiler-related evening courses at the Westside Institute. Concurrently, he worked as a boiler repair consultant for Great Lakes Welding and Boiler and served as a boiler operator at Ford Motor Company.

Upon retiring from Ford in 2007, Dan transitioned to instructing HVAC and Low-Pressure Boiler courses at Vatterott College. In 2010, he joined Lifetime Learning, where he not only became an instructor but also played a key role in developing the Low-Pressure and Stationary Engineer courses, specifically tailored for Ohio boiler license exams.

Dan's commitment to practical education led him to create Lifetime Learning's unique boiler operator intern program in 2010. This program provides students with hands-on experience, a crucial component for obtaining Ohio boiler operator licenses. Through his diverse experiences, Dan has become a respected figure, leaving a lasting impact on the next generation of Ohio boiler operators.

- State of Ohio Stationary Engineer 1st Class License
- Chief Engineer License: National Institute of Uniform Licensing Power Engineers (NIULPE)
- Instructor’s License: National Institute of Uniform Licensing Power Engineers (NIULPE)

Paul Smith


Paul, a lifelong resident of Medina County, embarked on a career in building maintenance after graduating from high school, joining Pleasant Hill Management. Seeking career advancement, he took the next step by enrolling at Vatterot College, where he successfully earned an associate's degree in Environmental Systems Technology.

Equipped with his enhanced qualifications, Paul transitioned to a significant role at Associated Estates, where he evolved into a maintenance supervisor. Managing multiple properties in Northeast Ohio, he not only oversaw day-to-day operations but also played a vital part in the onboarding and training of new maintenance technicians.

Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement, he furthered his education in the trades through the Lifetime Learning Stationary Engineer Program, obtaining an Ohio Stationary Engineer 3rd Class License. Since 2018 Paul has been an instructor of the Stationary Engineer course at Lifetime Learning.

Paul's career path has been marked by versatility, also serving as a boiler operator at Wooster Community Hospital and currently holding the position of Stationary Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center. His rich experience underscores a seamless blend of education, hands-on expertise, and a commitment to shaping the next generation of professionals in engineering.

Licenses and Certifications:
- Associate’s Degree: Vatterot College
- EPA Section 608 Universal License
- NATE Gas Furnace Service and Install
- OSHA Building Construction and Safety
- State of Ohio Stationary Engineer 3rd Class License

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Stationary Engineer Classroom:
UAW Local 1250
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Low-Pressure Boiler Classroom:
Divinity Lutheran Church
11877 Blossom Ave
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